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mercoledý 17 agosto 2011

After hifive's topic now it.s time to talk about another important thing> I'M in the U.S. ... California, 1159 formosa avenue North.. exactly, I.m in west hollywood! Life here is really different, but that's obvious..
Before coming here we visited New York, but i didn't like so much that city because it's too much a working city like london or berlin, while california is more like relaxed life such as in a coast city.. I like it really much.
We spent the first 2 weeks taking some english classes at the king/s college, and it was really fun. We also made  2 parties at our apt with all the college's friends.AMAZING.
We met people from all over the world.. switzerland, corea, naples, turkey (go erdogann)
The most important thing that we shall copy it's the after classes activities: it's an amazing way to make friends having fun at the same time.
Now we have more free time since we don't have classes and we are travelling around cali: we will see the bay (san francisco) and obviously vegas.
I also met my two american friends that i knew in rome (carolina e lia) and we are having a lot of fun... we also visited UCLA.. such a huge campus!
But im also thinking about my future: im looking for an internship, and also looking to open a business here (about wines and other italian foods). But im also working for the association, since i know that you can donate your hair here, i will really be glad if it was possible to do the same in italy and i will fight for that cause!
I.m missing rome a litle bit.. but i really feel excited to be here.. see ya guys 

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